Mental Health First Aid Certification

We're here to help people have better conversations about mental health at work and at home. Our mission is to create awareness, reduce stigma, and have a positive impact the lives of our families, friends and colleagues.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen more discussion in the media about mental health; but many of us don't have the knowledge or skills to have an impactful conversation with someone who needs help. We're here to break down barriers in mental health discussions and to empower attendees to offer practical support to those around them.

Our instructors are accredited to provide Adult Mental Health First Aid training - you can think of this as similar to a physical first aid or CPR class.

After spending the day with us, you’ll learn to confidently:
⁃ identify the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions
⁃ listen non-judgmentally and engage powerfully with someone in a mental health crisis
⁃ connect people with professional or self-help resources

If you would like to get certified as a Mental Health First Aider, please head to the sign-up page to find a public class.